Two days in Venice

We made it to the Venice Marco Polo airport at around 3:00 pm on a short flight from Paris by easyJet. It was hot! Hot and sunny. We grabbed a cab and a few minutes later were on our way to Venice – the place I’ve never been to and wanted to visit for as long as I could remember myself.

The ride was pretty short, about 20 minutes and it was not long before our driver dropped us off at the “entrance to Venice”. There it was just over the bridge – the city of canals, bridges, romance and love. While there was some kind of a water taxi available, we decided to take a short walk to our hotel. As we were walking, I couldn’t stop being amazed at the diverse architecture of the city. So many different textures, patterns, styles playing nicely together creating a signature look – the Venetian Gothic.

We stayed at the Corte 1321 – a charming Bed & Breakfast hotel which was once a Palace that belonged to one wealthy Italian family built in the middle of the 15th century. Our room windows were looking at the cozy courtyard which was peaceful and quiet considering that we were in the center of Venice:

We took a short nap as we were really tired from the flight earlier and set on to explore the city. I couldn’t stop but take pictures of every corner and street as we were wandering around. Everything was unique and new to my eye so I had to capture it. Tiny narrow passages meet busy slightly wider paths filled with tourists and canals with the most romantic views. I was wowed:

We walked a little more and made it to the Grand Canal:

More roaming around:

It took us a while to pick the restaurant for dinner but we were super happy with the final choice. If you are looking for an authentic local place away from the tourists, check out Pane Vino e San Daniele Rialto which is famous for their cold cut plates, delicious pasta, and extensive wine list. It was so good that we went back there again for the dinner on the following night.

It was dark outside when we finished the dinner. The city was mysterious and romantic:


We did some more exploration the following day:

And eventually made it to the Piazza San Marco:

Venetian souvenirs:

The two days in Venice were getting to an end but we didn’t want to leave. I’ve read that Venice is universally considered the most beautiful city in the world. Romantic and idyllic, it gives you hope that somehow everything will be alright.

Next morning, we headed to the Venezia Santa Lucia railway station to catch a train to Budapest but this is already another story that I will write about in the next post 🙂


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