Leake Street Tunnel

I came across Leake Street Tunnel for the first time on one of the street art Instagram accounts while in London over New Year’s Holidays and couldn’t just pass by it. I mean, who would? Once you see how it looks like you’ll agree but first few words about it’s history.

Leake Street is located in Lambeth area in Central London within walking distance from London Eye. The street is about 300 meters long, runs off York Road and under the platforms and tracks of Waterloo station:

Leake Street is known as “Graffiti Tunnel” or “Banksy Tunnel” mainly because the tunnel is full of graffiti originally created during Cans Festival lead by Banksy himself in May 2008.  The street is open for pedestrians only these days and continues to be kept decorated by new graffiti every day. This is known to be the only place in London were graffiti is not illegal and everyone can come here to practice or show off.

Well, enough talking, let’s take a look inside.

I came there when it was already dark and the pictures came out even more dramatic.

Entering from the York Rd we are greeted by a giant snake eye:

Some graffiti on the left:

Somebody is practicing:

Old good PAC-MAN:

Looking around:

Some metal fence art moving forward:

Dark and scary at times but the place is safe:

Gabriel “Al” Capone:

Looking at the ceiling – The Queen:

More of random art:

Mistical path:

Here you get really wowed:

Tunnel where every single inch is covered by graffiti:

Keep walking:

Few more steps and you can see this beauty:

I wonder how it looks during the day.

The Vaults – entrance to the night club:

Spray paint cans are everywhere:

Closer to the end:

A look back – fascinating:

Some more of ceiling views:

Sleepy skunk says bye as you exit the tunnel:

One last look back and you are in a real world again:

Hope you enjoyed the gallery! Next time I’ll try to come back there during the day and perhaps with a better camera. Stay tuned! 🙂

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