Unknown Artist

As someone who loves walking around New York City, I always keep my eyes open for any interesting finds out there. Maybe someone dropped the key with a cute cartoony character attached to it or there is a very cool sigh revealing the truth that you’ve been doing it all wrong or what not? You can find many living stories on the streets if only you keep looking for them.

One of the coolest finds of mine up to day are the works of Unknown Artist who lives in the Upper East Side. Every day he or she puts his / her art works outside of his / her apartment in the window facing the street so people could see and enjoy it. I thought it was a one time thing when I first saw it but as I pass by this building again and again I can see that the works are being changed constantly. How absolutely awesome is that! Since I take pictures of everything that I see all the time, I’ve got a mini-collection of this artist’s work on my phone. I am happy to share it with you 🙂 Enjoy browsing it and feel free to share your thoughts.



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