WooTrip 2016 – Berlin – Travelmattic

Hi Everyone! Few weeks ago we had our Team Meetup called WooTrip that took place in Berlin, Germany. Why Woo? That’s because we are those awesome people working on improving and supporting one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms available today – WooCommerce by WooThemes, a part of Automattic family.

It is not a secret that Automattic is 100% distributed company which means that we don’t have an office where we all go to work to in the morning. There are currently 489 of us in more then 50 countries around the globe working from the place of our own choice. Team Meetups is a great way for us to meet once in a while to get to know each other, work together and have some fun. While the week had been filled with tight work schedule we still got a good chance to explore the city. Enjoy some of the pictures I took and feel free to share your thoughts 🙂



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