Izhevsk Street Art – 2015

This past summer of 2015 I got a chance to visit Izhevsk – the city which is located in Udmurt Republic in Russia. Izhevsk is a very industrial town also know as Kalashnikov City due to the fact that world-famous creator of AK-47 used to live and work there most part of his life. Izhevsk is also know as an electronic music capital of Russia. Among other “underground” subcultures that exist in the city, street art is a very popular one. There is even it’s very own Annual Street Art Festival. Overall it is a very cool city and I was lucky to grow up there. Check out some cool street art that I was able to capture during my short trip there.

Izhevsk, Russia, July 2015, Artist – Nani Chacon

Izhevsk, Russia, July 2015, Artist – Envil Kasimov

Thanks for visiting!

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